CASE STUDY: ICT Managed Services and Systems Integration for Leading Real Estate Developer in GCC


Our client was a leading real estate developer in the GCC and the prime national developer in its country of operation. The challenge was to leverage modern day technologies in order to realize additional revenue streams, optimize the current business model whilst maintaining a focus on RE revenues. This required a flexible strategy and the establishment of a business unit to achieve the goals.


  • Identifying salient areas of technology contribution to the real estate business case
  • Assessing the impact on current business models and estimating potential benefits
  • Evaluating risks involved in tapping into the industry synergies between Information Technology and the traditional real estate business case
  • Rationalizing how the identified benefits could be realized in real life and what was required to achieve these benefits
  • Analyzing the financials required to implement the venture
  • Assessing the dependencies on current regulations and identifying key stakeholders which would be required
  • Determining the scope of the operational model required for successful Implementation


  • Analysed and identified overall improvement strategies to the current model of technology and systems planning. This ranged from Smart systems to state of the art data centre services
  • Identified areas of highest impact in the adoption of modern technology and ICT. This led to the development of an overall strategy. This was supported by the business model, services strategy, technology and systems strategies as well as the go-to-market strategy
  • Developed operational and organisational models required to implement the strategy and create the delivery mechanism needed to realize the goals and objectives


Client approval of NXN strategy and business model and set up a daughter company to be the sole consultant, client representative and integrator of ICT systems.

NXN group was asked to setup the new company including the sales, technology, finance, marketing, and PMO departments. In addition we led strategic negotiations with identified partners and telecom service providers.