CASE STUDY: Go-To-Market Strategy for a Leading Integrated Telecom Operator in Real Estate


Our client is a leading integrated telecom operator in the Middle East region. There was a requirement to cater for vertical market needs due to market trends, regulation liberalization and customer preferences. In addition the client wished to exploit non-organic revenue potential and capitalize on the market opportunities that real estate developments yielded.


  • Considering contribution of modern day innovation to the real estate business case and analyzing the is the size of the real business potential for ICT services within the RE market
  • Identifying the market segmentation strategy
  • Determining service requirements for all the stakeholders including the RE Developer function, facilities management, and inhabitants of the individual units (Residential; business; retail etc.)
  • Establishing potential operational models for successful service delivery and revenue realisation
  • Identifying key strategic partners required for success
  • Pinpointing organisational and structural changes and models needed for successful delivery


  • Developed the overall real estate go-to-market strategy
  • Defined clear objectives, policies and guidelines for pursuing RE opportunities
  • Performed opportunity sizing and attractiveness for the operator and developed Clear services portfolio addressing priority market segments and franchises within the RE developments
  • Developed the operational models required with the identified partners and alliances, and the new organisational structure for the new RE managed services business unit
  • Established the financial model and statements for the new business entity


The client approved the proposed strategy together with our operational and organisational recommendations. This led to additional revenues via prime RE developers as set out in the business model recommended by NXN. Ultimately the client negotiated and partnered with identified partners leading to the successful delivery of services. As a result, the client is now in negotiation with NXN for joint marketing cooperation on a wider scale.