CASE STUDY: National Digital Strategy


Our client was the Government in a leading city in GCC. The challenge was to develop and align strategy for the selection of technology. This was in accordance with national strategic goals and objectives mandated by the government and the head of state.


  • The existing situation either inhibited or was not favourable for the realization of desired long term strategic objectives of the city
  • Lack of consistency and public sector inter-departmental synchronisation resulted in disparate strategies being adopted and inefficient city operation. This led to increased capital and operational expenditure
  • The success of national strategic objectives was dependant on obsolete systems, technologies and practices
  • The existing approach made it impossible to adopt modern day technologies and systems through a unified strategy to realise city wide operational benefits and advantages
  • Regional competition demanded creating a differentiated lifestyle in the city to attract FDI and maintain competitive advantage


    • Conducted an international benchmarking exercise and represented the government in state visits around the world to gain exposure in leading global cities
    • Implemented value chain analysis of identified national strategic priorities, goals and objectives and identified key determinants of these objectives (e.g.economic development, transportation and logistics etc.)
    • Identified key impact points that could be addressed by the development or adoption of existing solutions to induce the desired impacts across the value chains of the national priorities
    • Developed an end-to-end National Digital Strategy to help the city realise its strategic objectives including the associated business and financial models and services strategies inline with local requirements and international best practices


The outcome was the realization of a National Digital Strategy that ultimately maximised the benefits of digital initiatives to the organisation.