City Data Framework and Governance

Data is a paramount asset for smart cities as they approach digital transformation. Data governance plays a crucial role in improving municipal service delivery and urban quality of life in smart cities. In the light of this fact, NXN has undertaken the responsibility to enable smart cities become smarter through its expert data governance model. Each city has its own requirements, its unique situation, and its own aspirations. At NXN, we combine our expert consultancy with innovative technology capabilities to provide our customers with their best-fit data governance roadmap. We start by gaining knowledge about the city’s current situation, analyzing the data challenges they face, and discussing their vision of the future, where they would like to be, and the objectives and goals they aspire to achieve. Afterwards, we come up with a tailored data governance roadmap that addresses the city’s specific needs, help them manage and improve their data lifecycle, and ripe the benefits of this invaluable asset.

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