NXN is working with a newly established National Digitization Unit (NDU) in Saudi Arabia on the Digital Transformation of the Kingdom. An enabling center of excellence, NDU was formed as part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 and NTP 2020 to lead Digital transformation across all sectors.

NXN is developing NDU’s Organizational & Governance Structure in alignment with its strategy and mandate, reviewing all of the National Transformation Program’s (NTP) initiatives (from 16+ ministries) and recommending action, assessing, proposing and activating NDU’s own national and horizontal initiatives, and developing the sectoral blueprints for top priority sectors in coordination with all concerned stakeholders, including: Digital Education, Digital Health, Digital Commerce, and Digital Cities.

Alongside this, NXN is collaborating with the NDU to identify high priority, high impact initiatives for activation. We are also working with them on developing blueprints to kickstart the transformation of Saudi Arabia into a world-leading nation with more effective, faster, and better services for its people. NXN is simultaneously developing 4 blueprints in the realms of Digital Education, Digital Healthcare, Digital Commerce, and Smart Cities with the input and support of over 50 stakeholder entities.

Furthermore, NXN is working with the NDU to develop a Standard Nationwide Classification Framework to Support Data Sharing & Publication Across Entities. Data Classification is a Critical Element of the Data Management Framework and hence NDU has embarked on developing such a framework that will serve as the standard guideline for all entities to follow.

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