NXN plays a Consulting and Advisory role with Smart Dubai and has been a key player since its inception.

We developed a far-reaching master plan and architecture blueprint which will put in place the building blocks of one of the most advanced and holistic Smart Cities in the world.


We collaborated with Smart Dubai to develop the Dubai Smart Platform, including driving the technology, benchmarking and developing the RFQ process, and managing the selection process of the vendor to build the platform. The Smart City Platform forms the unique digital backbone of the city and represents a world-first.

As part of its Smart City roadmap, and to make Dubai the happiest and smartest city in the world, the Smart Dubai Office embarked on an advisory project to formulate Dubai’s Public Wi-Fi strategy.

The objective of the project was to develop a Wi-Fi strategy and policy framework for the implementation of a Public Wi-Fi roadmap to provide residents and tourists with Seamless, Ubiquitous, and Secure Wi-Fi access in publicly inhabited spaces in Dubai. As part of this project, NXN provided SDO with advisory services, insight, reports and policy frameworks to enable it to formulate the necessary strategies, policies and implementation plans to kick start this initiative. Project was completed in 2017.

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