Our ICT Enablement service for Smart Healtchare helps establish and operate the right communications infrastructure & data management foundation for todays’ healthcare needs, and in alignment with the way that today’s healthcare services & applications are consumed by Patients, Healthcare Providers/Practitioners, and Healthcare Administrators.


Home-care Services allows for monitoring, management, and reporting for chronic diseases. The mobile services enablement and development / customization platformallows to enhance the patent and doctor experience through Smart mobile apps, both in and out of the clinic/hospital.


A Healthcare cloud allows to optimize and reuse information resources from an integrated platform in order to share, collaborate and optimize medical services. A collaboration Service allows for Primary Medical care institutions and caregivers  through cloud computing and centralized deployment of the systems of the primary medical care institutions. Medical care institutions and caregivers can  rent the system and thus access the information at low development and usage costs. Remote healthcare allows for group diagnosis collaboration and mobile health units access to Specialists.


Consolidated, ubiquitous connectivity provides a cost-effective approach to cater to today’s E-Health Service & Application needs, such as EMR (Electronic Medical Records), RIS (Radiology Information System), LIMS (Labs Information Management System), and Hospital / Clinic Operations.


Wireless Healthcare Services enables wireless access from laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), pads, wireless illness trackers, and other devices to the wireless network to support medical staff’s activities, such as wireless ward round, assets management, personnel tracking, and online inquiry.


The Smart Campus integrates a variety of systems or applications, including wired, wireless, broadcasting, TV, and teaching management into one network, reducing construction and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) cost and allowing access to learning and teaching resources from any location on campus anytime.


e-Learning can be enabled by providing access to online based training content and enabling the voice, web, video components and e-learning processes required for e-Learning.


An Education Cloud Service Platform allows to optimize and reuse information resourcesfrom an integrated Platform for learning resources sharing and remote interactive teaching. Smart Education entails collaboration across departments and integration of  a wide assortment of applications and services, such as teaching administration, resource sharing, online learning, and online training. Through hosting and cloud services, Integration of the various platforms can be achieved to ensure ubiquitous access to the learning resources over the Education cloud.


The mobile services enablement and development / customization platform allows to enhance the student and teacher experience through Smart mobile apps, both in and out of the classroom.