NXN Speaking at the Blockchain Middle East Forum on 25,26 September

By Nexgen
August 16, 2017


Dubai has launched the strategy to improve efficiency by shifting 100% of government transactions to Blockchain network by 2020 and encourage paperless transactions, cutting almost 100 million paper transactions annually which comes in line with the Dubai Future Agenda that aims to transform the UAE into a global center for designing the future. As a result of this, a number of Middle East companies have made substantial progress on understanding the opportunities, application and preparations of adopting the Blockchain technology within their company.


With this in mind, we are participating in the Blockchain Middle East Forum which will be taking place on 25 September 2017 in Dubai, UAE. The forum will be attended by both public and private sector companies looking to explore and evaluate the latest technology innovation that demonstrates an opportunity to deliver a more seamless, safe, and efficient experience.


Our senior consultant @Andrew Rippon will be engaged in the below activities:

Day One: Conference Day- Monday, 25 September 2017

  • •8:45 AM Opening remarks from the conference chair and start of conference
    • •9:00 AM STRATEGIC PANEL DISCUSSION: Disrupting the Middle East: The GCC region and blockchain technology
    • ₋The new tech on the block: Your introduction to blockchain.
    • ₋The Dubai strategy: Recognize how Dubai aims to reach its goal of being the first blockchain powered government in the world by 2020 and how this aligns with their vision of being the city of the future.
    • ₋Market overview: Regional insights of those adopting blockchain in the Middle East.


Day Two: Roundtables And Interactive Workshops- Tuesday, 26 September 2017

  • •8:50 AM Opening remarks from the conference chair.
  • •9:00 AM How you can prepare for the blockchain revolution.