NXN Speaking at the Smart Parking UAE, 27-28 September 2017

NXN Speaking at the Smart Parking UAE, 27-28 September 2017


For the second consecutive year, we are invited to speak at the SMART PARKING, UAE and to be part of the agenda as a subject matter expert.Smart Parking UAE 2017 conference will bring a fresh approach to government authorities who will share their experiences at every stage of implementation. The event will reach into healthcare facilities, high access areas and real estate development led by developers and assisted by parking consultants who will further discuss new topics such as crowd control, pedestrian requirements on both for on-street and off-street parking.


The event will take place on 27,28 September 2017 at Park Hyatt Dubai.


Our senior consultant @Andrew Rippon will be talking on the 27th at 10 AM about Reinforcing the need of special parking spaces for autonomous vehicles:

  • Will the use of autonomous vehicles decrease the need for parking spaces close to a destination?
  • Detailing advanced technologies that needs to be implemented for autonomous vehicles to be incorporated in the current environment.
  • What payment technologies will be used to allow transient autonomous vehicles to utilize any garage?

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