On strategy quotes for Smart Dubai from The Government Summit 2015

By Nexgen
February 10, 2015


Some quotes coming out on Twitter on @GovSummit and #govsummit from today’s summit:

“Everybody will benefit from us becoming a smarter city, both citizens and residents.” @ahmadbinbyat #GovSummit @richardquest

“The leadership have stated the objective to achieve happiness, it is now for us to make it happen” @ahmadbinbyat to @RichardQuest #GovSummit

“Engaging citizens is key to evaluate that our policies & decisions serve to achieve our objectives” RashedLahej to @RichardQuest #GovSummit

HE Ahmad Bin Bayt of #UAE: “Our new applications will be able 2 advise you which parks to avoid based on your health” @GovSummit #Now

“smart cities and cybersecurity go hand in hand. Being a smart city requires collecting lots of data”