ICT is integral to government business. As technology rapidly changes and society becomes more connected, IT becomes more essential to effective governance. At NXN we pride ourselves on our track record in mentoring government to make informed strategic decisions which lay the foundations for connected, efficient and successful infrastructures.

Our key public sector offerings include:

  • National ICT Strategy: We excel in developing a platform for an interconnected government at national, departmental and ministerial level. This optimally serves business, the community and employers needs.
  • Intelligent & Sustainable Government: We empower the public sector to efficiently manage its assets and resources. This enhances productivity whilst respecting the environment and cutting costs.


Our key to effective client service is seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise underpinned by a set of methodologies to support execution and make change happen. We work in a systematic and thorough way and provide our clients with an actionable plan to maximise opportunities

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