Smart City


Getting smart about smart cities is key to the future. NXN is proud to offer the most innovative thinking in the region. Our experience, intelligence and insights into this area are unrivalled. We specialize in all stages from planning to concept through to development and implementation. Our systematic methodology ensures impactful results.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Technology Master Planning: Conceptualizing, designing and implementing integrated Smart City Platforms and Services
  • Concept Validation: Assessing the Smart City technology impact in terms of ROI and feasibility
  • Centralised Management Platform: Building upon Smart City Platform convergence to present a framework for centralized management and operations of infrastructure and assets


Our key to effective client service is seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise underpinned by a set of methodologies to support execution and make change happen. We work in a systematic and thorough way and provide our clients with an actionable plan to maximise opportunities

Case Studies