Effective telecommunications plays an important part in today’s global economy and is undeniably essential for the future. In the last quarter of the twentieth century, telecommunications has become the central nervous system of the economy. Telecommunications is now globalizing markets, reducing costs, expanding productivity, and directly increasing economic well-being. Which is why NXN’s knowledge and insights are so invaluable to many organisations across the region.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Vertical Growth Market Strategy: Assessing the potential of diversifying the clients’ core business activities to new market in order to tap new revenue
  • IOT Strategy: Defining the service offering, technology gap and service delivery mode for telecommunications services, including value added services
  • Managed Services Strategy: Analysing the market and industry trends and merging them with customer capability in order to evaluate market opportunities for managed services in identified segments


Our key to effective client service is seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise underpinned by a set of methodologies to support execution and make change happen. We work in a systematic and thorough way and provide our clients with an actionable plan to maximize opportunities.

Case Studies