NXN works with leaders in business, city management and public sector organisations to simplify and accelerate their digital transformation and next-generation technology innovations.

We empower customers to embrace innovation, digital disruption and future technologies, allowing them to make their aspirations a reality. Founded in 2007, NXN is an end-to-end smart digital services provider, leveraging the deep expertise of its industry consulting, data, and technology teams. Our advanced DNX Digital Services Platform provides customers with the agility they need to fast track innovation, break down data silos and implement disruptive technology solutions with confidence.

We are digital transformation enablers

Beginning its journey as a niche player, instrumental in building leading smart cities in the Middle East, today NXN is a core platform provider and has a fully-fledged digital transformation portfolio. The company has become a pioneer in delivering turnkey digital transformation services to high-profile private and public sector organisations, from planning to execution. Our services and solutions are supported by strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading technology companies.

NXN dramatically improves the digital transformation journey of businesses, local governments and other public sector organisations, across the region and around the world. We have rich experience in smart city master planning as well as in developing Smart City as-a-Service solutions for vital sectors such as districts and master developments, healthcare, plus safety and security.

How do we do it?

NXN provides professional services for assessment, analysis, master planning, data strategy and data science. Our DNX platform, integrates new technologies, platforms and systems to meet the transformational need of cities, districts and organisations. We use the DNX platform to develop and implement digital solutions and managed digital services, using some of today’s most disruptive technologies.

Our customer journeys begin with NXN’s expert teams simplifying digital transformation needs through a business objective assessment and review of existing systems. This work is followed by planning, developing and delivering digital solutions, integrating them with both legacy systems and advanced technologies using a solid platform and data-driven approach. Our data strategy and advanced analytics team help customers drive additional value from their data throughout this process and beyond.

Transforming the NXN way

Our deep understanding of digital transformation, digital services and data strategies, combined with the power of our DNX Digital Services Platform, have made NXN the top choice for leading governments and private enterprises in the Middle East.

Digital Core/Platform Capabilities
• We are equipped with the latest and the best digital technologies that suit our customers’ needs. Our DNX platform integrates new technologies, platforms and systems that meet the transformational need of cities, districts and organizations.

Industry Expertise & Consulting Heritage
• With broad experience in advisory and consultancy, we understand our customers’ IT needs from the core.

Data Analytics & Science Team
• Our expertise in data science gives us the edge to ensure our customers’ data management give them the optimum value, leveraging our capabilities in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Agile Digital Service Development
• We help organisations to become more agile, profitable and efficient by combining strategy, data science and technology to transform business.

Our mission and values

We are driven by the vision to see the transformation of cities, districts, and organisations into world-class, living and working spaces through the delivery of efficient digital services that enhance the lifestyle and happiness of communities and society.

We are committed to uphold our values focused on:

  • Innovative and visionary perspectives of the future and transformational thinking
  • Simplicity in everything we do, understanding that we operate in a highly complex and ever-changing environment.

Passion and drive of people to make a positive impact on our business and our clients.

Our value strategy

Agility and efficiency in business are two core enablers that allow organisations to move forward quickly and gain profitability. We combine data science and technology to enable transformation in businesses and win customers’ trust.

At NXN’s digital core is its proprietary DNX Digital Services Platform, which allows businesses to choose their ideal route to digital transformation.

Through agile, custom-built services, we create interactive and connected customer experiences for our clients with customised digital services built jointly with industry-leading partners.

We have the capability to connect all technology assets and systems of our clients through integration of legacy systems, advanced technologies and applications with data and analytics, thereby efficiently delivering positive outcomes.

One of the fastest ways to accelerate your digital transformation journey is to tap our pre-built smart digital services, through our DNX digital platform and save up to 80 per cent of your cost and time.

NXN fully understands the value of data science, AI, and analytics and thus, help you plan and organize your digital journey and get the optimum benefit from the latest digital technologies and data-driven solutions provided through AI, machine learning, and IoT.