NXN provides you with the agility and digital savvy that you need to incubate, implement, and leverage advanced technologies with confidence.

New technologies are coming to market at an unprecedented rate and decision makers are often faced with the daunting task of determining what’s relevant to their business, and what isn’t. How you leverage cutting-edge technology, and how quickly, can create a distinct advantage over the competition. Conversely, avoiding hype-cycle pitfalls, unforeseen risks, costs, and delays is a critical success factor.


NXN provides you with the agility and digital savvy that your organisation needs to plan, implement and optimise advanced technologies, applying these where they have the most impact on your business. 

Managing increased risk

The fast pace of changes of new technologies at the early stage of their maturity cycle and the general lack of knowledge about their application, mean that relevant skills are often in short supply. You must both make sense of the unavoidable discrepancy between hyped expectations and viable applicability, and acquire the expertise to introduce relevant emerging technologies within traditional business processes.

Emerging technologies can enable dramatic innovations and unlock disruptive benefits when they are applied to best effect, but they also come with greater risks. To beat the risk and reap the benefits, organisations must adopt the right approach to planning, implementation and governance. Over plan and you may lose the opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Misjudge implementation and you risk delays and additional expense. Meanwhile, new innovations implemented without taking steps to ensure proper corporate governance run the risk of becoming casualties to policy changes later on. 

Our team of experts

NXN’s advanced technology experts continuously monitor and evaluate the maturity level of the latest and most disruptive technologies. We adopt a pragmatic approach through the identification and testing of practical use cases directly on our DNX Digital Services Platform. This means that we routinely incubate, integrate, trial and optimise the use of new technologies for NXN’s own managed services applications first.

Our acquisition of direct experience on our systems first, places NXN in an ideal position to advise customers on the best technology adoption strategy, identify the right use cases and to successfully accelerate practical implementations in customers’ environments.

Our approach, specifically towards advanced technologies, is centered around proof-of-value; projecting new technology functional capabilities onto a customer’s environment, and evaluating their relevance, viability, and impact. 

Smart city and smart service technologies

It’s no accident that one of Gartner’s most popular ‘hype cycle’ reports focuses on smart city technologies and solutions. Some of the most exciting new technologies for smart cities and smart districts are in the early stages of their maturity cycles. 

NXN was highlighted by Gartner in its 2020 Smart City Technologies and Solutions Hype Cycle report as a reference vendor for implementing five key smart city technology solution categories including Smart city as-a-service solutions. NXN’s skills and experience make it the ideal partner for smart cities, enterprises and service providers, enabling them to embrace disruptive technologies and achieve their desired outcomes.


Blockchain remains a buzzword and there is a widespread belief in the enormous potential for the technology. NXN is involved in the wider open source community that drives the development of the underlying technologies and connects with subject matter experts and innovative startups to define enterprise-grade software and architectures capable of handling the most complex decentralised applications at the speed of business.

Our specialists can help you with any blockchain exploration initiative or implementation project, from setting up sandboxes and private blockchains based on Ethereum, Quorum, or Hyperledger in our DNX platform, to facilitating the integration of a decentralised application in your existing environment. Our advisors will be glad to work with you in identifying possible blockchain use cases with potential transformational impact for your business processes, always maintaining a practical approach. 

Artificial Intelligence

Never has a a wave of new technologies been more hyped than artificial intelligence, but the value is real and the use cases are innumerable. Although much of the hype is pure fiction and the technologies remain in the early stages of their evolution, there are real benefits that customers can take advantage of today.

Technologies such as machine learning and natural language recognition are being used for a wide range of applications including optimising back office and consumer-facing systems and processes; data and personal security; marketing personalisation; fraud detection; customer support; and many other uses.

NXN partners with industry leaders and innovative startups to identify possible insertion points for AI in your applications and business processes and to bring this technology to life in your organisation. Whether you want to build on your data analytics strength, implement an existing vendor’s software with cognitive capabilities, or simply start your AI journey with a chatbot integration within your apps, we have a solution for you. 


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