Unlock the power of your data to improve business processes, provide better insights, drive new opportunities and monetise your data investment.

NXN Data Practice, Data Strategy and CDO Advisory Services help you accelerate your data journey. Our experienced team of data governance and data management consultants provide you with the strategic advice, planning, policy frameworks and implementation services you need to explore and leverage your data’s greatest potential. With expert teams across data management, data science, technology and key industries, NXN is ideally positioned to help you unlock the power of your data.

Understanding the full value of your data
Today, data is often likened to a precious commodity, essential to achieving growth, defining your business and providing you with competitive advantage. The potential possibilities are endless and limitless.

Data analytics, the science of analysing raw data to derive insights and make data-informed conclusions, is now transforming the way that strategic decisions are made and how outcomes are envisioned. Meanwhile, outcome-based data strategies and the right data platforms can ensure that you’re building a foundation for the future.

NXN helps you unlock the power of your data

The key to unlocking the power of your data lies in a well-defined data policy and strategy that both serves short-term opportunities and guides future development towards longer-term goals. NXN’s team of data strategy, data science, data engineering and business intelligence (BI) experts partners with customers to bring data’s benefits and advantages to your business. We guide you step-by-step through assessment, strategy, planning, data organisation and delivery, to include customised solutions to deliver on your goals. Our expertise, methodologies and process help you create a data organisation that is highly leveraged and monetised.

We bring New Data approaches

New Data approaches attain a level of operational and strategic execution that conventional data work simply doesn’t. NXN helps you develop and achieve an organisation where the data is meaningful, relevant, actionable, usable, discoverable, accessible and trustworthy. As a result of an engagement with NXN’s Data Practice, your organisation will have data veracity with measurable scores and you will have more visible data with self-describing attributes that define context, meaning and usage, so that data users and data consumers can better discover, understand and use data. You will also have a flexible data supply chain converting data into different forms to fit specific needs and facilitate easy consumption.

NXN can help you accelerate your data journey

NXN’s team of data artisans provide a wide range of data offerings to meet your specific needs and accelerate your data journey. We do this by discovering where you are today, assessing your profile and data capabilities with your data leaders and recommending customised solutions, delivery options and key accelerators to meet your goals.

Data Policy & Strategy

Our world class data expertise helps you create outcome-focused strategies, reliable policies and trusted frameworks to grow your data capabilities.

Data Management

Our tried and tested practices and procedures ensure that your data is properly generated, managed and protected.

Data Science & Analytics

Our experienced data science professionals uncover valuable insights hidden deep within large, complex data sets.

Public sector and smart cities

Today’s governments, public sector services and smart city operators have an enormous opportunity to leverage data to empower government departments, businesses and citizens. Government are turning to data to provide a new generation of digital services and creating open data environments, that can enable innovators in private and public sectors, economists, academics and entrepreneurs. NXN understands the importance of data and the critical role it plays in addressing citizen. resident and stakeholder needs. Our senior advisory team is well placed to mentor public sector data leaders in data strategy and policy development, putting them in a position to innovate and help citizens address the new challenges of urban living.

Government services and solutions

Our broad suite of services and solutions for governments, public sector services and smart city operators include:

Data policy

NXN’s world class data experts help governments to develop strategic data governance policies to better manage the demands of smart cities and new digital public services.

Data management

NXN helps public sector organisations and smart cities manage and transform Big Data into rich data and ensure quality returns by managing the full data life-cycle.

NXN’s data management methodology considers the entire data life-cycle, including:
  • Evaluating the current state of affairs
  • Defining the desired future state
  • Visualising the future state
  • Creating a roadmap for success
  • Data science and analytics
  • Transforming big data into big insights

The NXN Advantage

Realising the full potential of your data will require new thinking, a variety of data expertise and proven experience — and NXN brings all of this to the table. NXN’s data strategists and data scientists are leading experts, recognised as industry thought leaders who have the expertise, knowledge and experience in setting international benchmarks across data maturity models. There is no substitute for industry knowledge both at a regional and global levels and NXN’s team has worked with some of the most innovation-orientated governments, telcos and enterprises in the world on developing data policies and data strategies.


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