Embrace innovation, digital disruption and future technologies, by harnessing the power of DNX.

DNX is NXN’s smart digital services integration and delivery platform. DNX empowers NXN to accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation, providing the agility that you need to rapidly adopt future technologies, break down data silos, and respond to market disruptions. Our platform integrates cloud infrastructure, data intelligence, knowledge graph, semantic technologies, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and other advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, as warranted, to seamlessly connect and support your digital applications and services.

Meeting the challenges of digital transformation

For digital transformation to be successful, creating truly digitally native enterprises, radical change is required. Organisations must not only be prepared to change their technology, but also their structure, culture and processes – such a journey opens up a wide array of potential risks and challenges. The combination of outdated structures, siloed data and heterogeneous technology systems, creates roadblocks that can bring your digital transformation projects to a grinding holt. We create rich-linked data estates and semantic ecosystem to help you navigate your data and answer real life questions in an instant.

NXN has developed the DNX platform to seamlessly connect all your systems and internal and external data sources in a knowledge graph, creating a robust digital and data services platform that supports solution incubation, development, integration, and management, all the while introducing new capabilities from relevant emerging and advanced technologies.

Accelerate and simplify your digital transformation journey

Simply put, DNX connects it all — your systems, apps, rich-linked data, devices and people — without compromising a thing. Think of DNX as your hub of innovation, allowing you to create smarter, more agile services that help you lead in your sector.

DNX provides a 360-degree view of your organisation’s applications, systems and semantic knowledge graph, supporting rapid digital service development, service management and increased operational efficiency. The platform supports the free flow of data allowing digital services to embed real-time data insights and key data trends. Vertical use cases can be developed quickly to deploy new customised digital sand data services to meet the demands of any organisation.

What is DNX?

DNX Digital Services Platform is an intelligent open digital platform that allows individual services to operate across a cohesive environment, with seamless access to your organisation’s data. DNX is open, flexible, adaptable, secure and agile.

A pioneer in the development of digital services platforms, NXN has
architected and deployed DNX over the course of several years, working with some of the world’s largest government and private sector data users, and supported by partnerships with leading brands. DNX has been developed around key features that include system-to-system integration, open protocols and middleware, industry leading toolsets and cloud-scale infrastructure. Knowledge graphs make rich linked data available for digital services enablement at its core.

The DNX platform’s functional capabilities have been organised and integrated across a four-layer stack — digital solutions, service enablement, plus data-centric semantic architecture and cloud infrastructure — which constitutes a versatile, highly adaptable, constantly evolving, and open digital platform.

Our smart services portfolio

Over the past 15 years, NXN has developed digital masterplans for some of the world’s fastest growing smart cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh, whilst developing a wide range of smart applications for private and public sector organisations. Today, NXN offers a variety of smart solutions as services, delivered and managed via the DNX Digital Services Platform.

Command and Insights

Smart Security as a Service

Smart Healthcare

DNX Custom Solutions

Leveraging the power of the DNX platform, NXN is able a turnkey offering that integrates consultancy services with software development, lifecycle and support/operational capabilities. 

DNX Custom Solutions helps you tackle the more specialised or challenging solution requirements for your digital and data-centric transformation journey.


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