Services and solutions for the health sector

Transform your operations, leverage data-driven insights and create new smart digital services for more personalised care, better patient experience and improved efficiency.

Transform your operations, leverage data-driven insights and create new smart digital services for more personalised care, better patient experience and improved efficiency. 

Smart Healthcare is transforming the health sector from a disease-centred approach to a patient-centred one, through the adoption of disruptive technologies. NXN helps you leverage data-driven insights to deliver more effective Smart Healthcare solutions, putting the wellbeing of the patient first and meeting the demands of an ever-evolving digital health ecosystem.

NXN focuses on technological enablement, innovation, and digitisation in the delivery of healthcare services. Supported by our team of health-focused data scientists, we develop integrated solutions for care delivery using our Plan – Build – Manage methodology and the DNX Digital Services Platform.

The rise of digital health services

Today’s healthcare systems face a wide range of industry challenges, from the need to support aging populations and the continued rise of chronic conditions, through to staffing, operations and the new challenge of managing Covid-19. These are among the drivers that compel institutions, insurers and public sector healthcare systems to invest in digital health services. New technologies can help to deliver better care, more efficiently and engage directly with consumers, empowering them to manage their own health.

Increasing demand for smart services

As cities undergo digital transformation, a specific dimension of Smart Cities – Smart Living – is beginning to take centre stage. Smart Living considers key aspects that substantially improve the quality of life of citizens, such as cultural facilities, health conditions, personal safety, housing availability and quality, education facilities, touristic attractiveness and social cohesion. As aspirations for Smart Living rise, so does the demand for Smart Healthcare.

Smart Healthcare is more responsive to patient needs, it helps manage chronic diseases more effectively, aids in preventing disease and offers better overall healthcare quality.

NXN Smart Healthcare Solutions

NXN is able to address the many needs of digital transformation in the health sector. Whether it is developing your Smart Healthcare blueprint – be it for a city or a medical institution, outlining an effective operational model for digital execution, or rolling out various integrated digital telehealth solutions, we have the services and solutions to produce the right outcomes.

Working with NXN provides you with access to healthcare-specific digital services and expertise, helping you improve healthcare outcomes while enhancing productivity and efficiency. Our Smart Healthcare solutions can generate direct and indirect cost savings and help you create an environment where the patient becomes the centre of the ecosystem. 

NXN Health Sector Services

Our healthcare team has the know-how, tools, and access to proven technologies suited to address the many challenges of the healthcare industry:

Digital healthcare strategy & advisory services

We work with you to devise the best suited blueprint to effectively outline the future state of digital health that is guaranteed to address the shift from disease treatment to proactive health management and optimal clinical outcomes.

Digital operational transformation

We work with you to develop the optimal operational framework to execute on your digital promise, while addressing any and all issues that a potential digital operational resilience framework should address.

Digital services design, development, integration and management

Our data scientists and digital services developers gather your requirements and define and deliver the services required to elevate the patient experience with the ultimate mandate to secure positive health outcomes using the latest in technologies from blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Public Health Command and Insights Platform

Our state-of-the-art platform combines cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, IoT, and advanced technologies such as AI and Blockchain. Our scalable platform can support all your current and future healthcare needs, while connecting to a variety of systems and data-sources, across the healthcare ecosystem.

Our DNX Digital Services Platform

NXN Smart Healthcare services and solutions are underpinned by DNX, our smart digital services integration and delivery platform. DNX integrates cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, to seamlessly connect and support your digital applications and services.

New Smart Healthcare services can significantly increase efficiency and bring cost savings. Smart Healthcare may help you improve the accuracy and availability of patient health information, alert caregivers when intervention is needed, or enable better utilisation of scarce expertise.

The NXN Public Health Command and Insights Platform allows you to trial new use cases and rapidly bring new Smart Healthcare services to market, whilst saving you budget and resources. 


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