NXN becomes Google Cloud partner, empowering customers to develop and deploy services to the network edge

JULY, 2021

DNX, NXN’s digital services integration and delivery platform, to allow customers to deploy services seamlessly from the network core to the edge on Google Cloud

Dubai, UAE – 4 July 2021 – NXN has joined the Google Cloud partner programme, in line with its vision to help customers simplify and accelerate their digital transformation. As a Google Cloud build partner, NXN will develop solutions and services on Google Cloud’s Anthos managed application platform, helping customers deliver workloads to the network edge, the point at which local networks and devices connect with the Internet. NXN’s digital services integration and delivery platform, DNX, allows customers to develop and deploy services seamlessly across their technology infrastructure.

“We are excited about the partnership with Google, which allows customers to use our DNX Digital Services Platform to develop and extend digital services seamlessly from the network core to the edge on Google Cloud,” said Ghazi Atallah, CEO, NXN. “The DNX platform provides customers with the agility they need to develop fast, scalable and secure services for the network edge with confidence. We’ll also work with customers to unlock additional functionality and performance for edge applications and services, using Google Cloud’s DevOps and Data Science tools.”

NXN’s advanced DNX Digital Services Platform provides customers with the agility to fast-track innovation, break down data silos and implement disruptive technology solutions with confidence. DNX seamlessly connects digital applications, services and data across the technology environment, right to the network edge. Open, flexible and secure, the platform integrates cloud infrastructure, data intelligence, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies.

“Leveraging data, cloud capabilities, and high-speed connectivity at the network edge can enable businesses to modernize processes and deliver new, digital experiences for consumers,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re delighted that NXN will deliver its capabilities in data and network management to the edge on Google Cloud, helping enterprises with edge presences benefit from 5G and cloud capabilities in analytics, AI, and ML.”

Google Cloud’s Anthos managed application platform helps organisations capitalise on opportunities at the edge of their networks, tapping into high-speed 5G connectivity. It allows developers to build, deploy and optimise applications and services anywhere with a fast, scalable software delivery pipeline, with the capability to automate policy and security at scale.

Anthos provides a significant opportunity for organisations that are investing heavily in IoT – such as large retailers, fleet operators, healthcare systems and smart cities – allowing them to modernise processes and deliver new functionality and experiences at the edge. This will also prove to be a key platform to help telecom service providers monetise their 5G investment.

Google first announced its telecommunications strategy in 2020, with the first application provider partners joining at year-end to provide applications at the edge. NXN joined the second wave of Anthos application partners focused on developing vertical applications and services that leverage cloud capabilities at the network edge.

Founded in 2007, NXN is an end-to-end smart digital services provider, leveraging the deep expertise of its industry consulting, data, and technology teams. 

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