Bring new custom-built solutions to advance your digital transformation, while minimising development risks.

NXN Custom Solutions helps you tackle the more specialised or challenging solution requirements for your digital transformation journey. Our pragmatic and accelerated approach to development brings your specific digital solutions and associated use-cases to life. NXN’s Plan – Build – Manage methodology, coupled with our DNX Digital Services Platform, allows us to fast-track your use-cases and deliver a fully managed solution as-a-service.

Mitigating development risk

Many digital solution initiatives never see the light of day, which can be due development issues, operational road-blocks and problems with data sources. Often it is prohibitively difficult for customers to solve the variety of overlapping issues with existing platforms, tools and resources. Meanwhile, your run-time environment may not be conducive to effectively integrate customer and/or third-party data-sources and functional components.

NXN Custom Solutions takes holistic, yet structured approach to fast-track your development projects, connect your datasets and deploy and support digital services that help you get more value out of your data.

Bringing your data solutions to life

Digital solutions come to life through the data that they leverage, manage, and present to end-users. Beginning with your data sets, the NXN Custom Solutions development process considers a wide range of factors to ensure projects are planned, developed, deployed and managed successfully.

  1. We start from the data source – We consider data modeling a foundational step, with an eye on contextual data, data quality and data integrity.
  2. We set up an efficient run-time environment – We focus on improving integration with your existing infrastructure and systems.
  3. We bring the right set of tools – As digital services and solutions come in different shapes and sizes, we make sure to choose the best tools for the job.
  4. We practice Agile development – We develop, integrate, test and commission within an Agile development cycle for speed, performance and problem-solving.
  5. We keep the big picture in mind – our approach allows us to support, manage (if needed) and evolve your overall solution environment

DNX Digital Services Platform

NXN Custom Solutions develops on the DNX Digital Services Platform. Our platform integrates cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, to seamlessly connect and support your digital applications and services.

NXN’s proven digital services platform includes all the administrative, marketplace and platform services that you’ll need to create, update and optimise innovative services and solutions.


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