Nine steps to become a data-driven enterprise ebook


NXN helps key stakeholders understand their organisation’s journey to become a data-driven enterprise with a new ‘Nine steps to become a data driven enterprise’ ebook.

Dubai, UAE – 21 September 2021 – NXN has created a new ‘Nine steps to become a data driven enterprise’ ebook as part of its effort to help customers understand the steps that their organisations must go through in order to create a truly data-driven enterprise. Many private and public sector organisations are in the process of developing their data capabilities in order to derive greater value from their data. However, enabling data-driven decision making and strategies involves many different stakeholders and areas of expertise.

NXN recommends that customers who want to become more data-driven, adopt a holistic and comprehensive approach. “There can be huge benefits for the organisations that are able to transform to become data-driven enterprises,” said Ghazi Atallah, CEO of NXN. “However, making best use of your data doesn’t come from simply buying new technology. Customers must take a holistic view of their organisation’s needs and how they can use data to help save costs, build value, increase efficiency and identify new opportunities.”

NXN’s Data Practice helps customers accelerate their journeys to become data-driven enterprises. Key to success, is for senior executives to understand the different steps that their organisation will need to accomplish in order to exploit the full potential of their data.

In addition to correctly identifying goals, planning to become data-driven and having the right technologies, company culture is critical to success, as is change management.

“It’s highly beneficial to build a common understanding of what your data strategy hopes to achieve across the organisation and, for this, different departments must be part of the process,” adds Atallah. “To transform into an organisation that has a ‘data-driven’ culture, your most senior executives must also feel that they are data literate and well-equipped to use data to inform decisions and shape policy.”

NXN’s new ‘Nine steps to become a data driven enterprise’ ebook is a simple, non-technical read on all the key factors that different stakeholders will need to consider. The ebook provides an easy briefing to get those different stakeholders on the ‘same page’ and increase understanding for the need to involve different departments in defining the organisation’s data journey.

Click here to get your own copy of the ‘Nine steps to become a data driven enterprise’ ebook.

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