Develop your patient-centred ecosystem aligned to digital healthcare using our proven smart digital services platform.

NXN Smart Healthcare is a growing suite of services that allow you to deploy intelligent digital health solutions, seamlessly integrated with your systems, data and digital health ecosystem. Our services make it easy for you to adopt value-enhancing innovations, streamline your healthcare ecosystem, support healthcare workers and introduce patient-centred digital services. We can help you create new services for connected and smart hospitals, from telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) to digital services management.

NXN Digital Healthcare Advisory Services

NXN works with health providers to improve targeted healthcare outcomes, while enhancing productivity and efficiency, generating direct and indirect cost savings and creating a patient-centred ecosystem. We help institutions assess the current state of healthcare operations, data, systems, and processes, and recommend a future state of healthcare excellence.

We work closely with you to devise the best-suited blueprint for your desired future state of digital health. This blueprint provides the practical means to address the shift from disease treatment to proactive health management and optimal clinical outcomes. NXN can also help you to develop the optimal operational framework to execute on your digital promise.

NXN Public Health Command & Insight

NXN Public Health Command and Insight Platform brings time and cost efficiency to the delivery of use cases and a rapid time-to-market for new services, by breaking the silos found in typical healthcare solutions.

Our Command and Insight is built on the DNX Digital Services Platform, which integrates cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, to seamlessly connect and support your digital solutions.

NXN’s proven digital services platform includes all the administrative, marketplace and platform services that you’ll need to update existing smart health services and develop innovations.

NXN Smart Health RPM

NXN Smart Health Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a comprehensive patient monitoring service that enables healthcare providers to extend care and continuously monitor patients in the comfort of their home, using the power of real-time data to help optimise care. The service not only enhances outcomes and patient experience, but also helps to improve revenue and productivity, while reducing operational costs.

Powered by our DNX Digital Services Platform, NXN Smart Health RPM optimises every step of the patient journey. The service allows healthcare providers to manage and record patient vitals in real time, track data, assess any health risks, allow remote appointments, optimize the patient journey at every junction, and track multiple patients seamlessly with simplicity around the clock.


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