Intelligently secure your people, assets and facilities from anywhere, anytime.

NXN Smart Security is an intelligent end-to-end security service that allows you to protect your people, assets and facilities, 24/7. Our service provides you with intelligent, innovative and cost-efficient digital security for your smart building or smart district, putting you in control. Blending cutting-edge video surveillance, video artificial intelligence, smart video analytics and incident management, NXN Smart Security delivers the highest level of IoT integration, bringing you seamless automation, intelligence and simplicity.

Identify threats quickly

The faster you can identify and assess potential threats, the better your incident management will be. By integrating all your surveillance assets, NXN Smart Security provides you with continuous insights from video and other IoT data from across your business.

  • Seamless IoT integration
  • Basic & AI video
  • Continuous AI analysis
  • Business intelligence

Unify incident management

Your ability to assess and manage your security incidents, depends on having the right information at hand. NXN Smart Security’s unified incident management provides you with many ways to view current risks and threats via one virtual control centre.

  • Unified incident management
  • Custom Analytics and reporting
  • Secure private connectivity

AI-powered analytics

Reviewing multiple video and streams to assess potential risks can be slow and time-consuming, even if integrated into one system. Our advanced video analytics uses artificial intelligence to provide you with insights and critical information continuously, helping you to assess incidents in real-time.

  • Object detection and classification
  • Facial recognition & identification
  • Number plate recognition
  • Business analytics (eg. crowd management, retail footfall)
  • Behavioral analysis


NXN Smart Security has been developed leveraging NXN’s extensive experience in the Smart Cities and IoT arena and is built on DNX. The DNX Digital Services Platform integrates cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced technologies.

Using the latest technologies, such as video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaas), video AI, smart video analytics and process automation, NXN Smart Security helps you attain a higher level of security than ever before. Our innovative digital service can be provided via a pay-per-use pricing model on-premises, or as a cloud service.


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