NXN enables operators to embrace disruptive technologies, unlock the value of their data and create differentiated digital services to monetise their investments in 5G networks.

A new wave of transformational technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Blockchain and Cloud services, coupled with 5G, is driving unprecedented change in the telecommunications sector. NXN helps you harness these new technologies to create and deliver advanced digital services, monetising your data, 5G networks and other infrastructure investments

NXN provides operators with the additional agility and the digital savvy they need to both develop new smart digital services and to build a next generation service delivery environment. Extending beyond advice, products and solutions, we help operators create, manage and optimise commercial services, embrace new business models and add new revenue streams.

Operator priorities have changed

Acquiring new customers is no longer the top priority of telecom operators.

Creating new revenue opportunities to monetise the exponential increase in capacity – brought by 5G networks – is going to be critical for the future of the sector. Future revenues will also depend on operators’ ability to successfully nurture different customer types, innovate, and deliver new value to those customers via advanced digital services.

Whilst telecom operators are well positioned to reap the benefits of digital transformation, many face significant challenges in making the best use of their data, aligning transformation with strategic goals and stepping outside their comfort zones. Operators must now look outside of their established traditional services in order to survive disruption and the transition to become Digital Solution Providers (DSPs).

The digital services opportunity

The rewards are big for telecom operators that are able to align their business models, data, technology and services to become leading providers of advanced digital services. In fact, due to their infrastructure, connectivity and financial position, operators have a golden opportunity to create, deliver and manage smart cloud services faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

As governments, smart cities and large enterprises move more of their data, applications and processes to cloud platforms, the demand for smart digital services is going to continue to accelerate. This brings the opportunity for operators to drive the development of advanced digital services that can be used across all dimensions of national smart transformation.

NXN Telecom Solutions

NXN enables service providers to embrace disruptive technologies and achieve their desired digital transformation outcomes. Our senior consultants, with years of experience working with the leading operators and vendors worldwide and in the region, have a deep understanding of digital transformation in the telecom sector and its challenges.

We provide the strategy, development and services that operators need to leverage today’s hottest technologies:

  • Fifth generation mobile networks (5G) – NXN enables operators to monetise their investments in 5G networks, creating new services that leverage 5G connectivity.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) – NXN works with operators to develop AI-driven digital use cases and create smart digital services, adding new revenue streams.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – NXN helps operators leverage IoT connectivity to drive new commercial digital services.
  • Big Data – NXN can provide the data advice, strategy and services, to help operators monetise their data assets and those of their customers.
  • Blockchain – NXN develops and delivers solutions that use blockchain for roaming and settlement, identity and data management, 5G enablement and IoT connectivity, smart contracts and SLA assurance, plus and fraud prevention.
  • Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Integration – NXN’s smart digital services platform (DNX), coupled with its business and technology services, help operators identify, develop and deploy secure digital services.

NXN Telecom services

Our deep knowledge of the telecom sector, tried and tested methodologies, proven digital services delivery capability and expert teams, allow NXN to enable innovation at every level of your business.

Digital transformation

We work with you to develop business, digital and technology strategies to achieve desired outcomes, creating a blueprint for your digital transformation.

White label digital services

We create new revenue streams by providing digital transformation strategy services, value-based data use cases and industry specific packaged digital services for you to offer to your customers.

Deal-based partnerships

We work closely with your team to develop custom value propositions for specific opportunities or accounts, allowing you to create significant, differentiated new offers for your customers.  

Our DNX Digital Services Platform

NXN Telecom services and solutions are underpinned by our DNX Digital Services Platform. DNX integrates cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, to seamlessly connect and support your digital applications and services.

The DNX platform gives NXN the capability both to provide managed services and to fast-track development of custom solutions.  


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